Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays! 
This is the tree topper my grandmother used.  It is so delicate that I am too nervous to put it on top of the tree.  This year it was placed in the giant boat shaped wooden bowl on the side board.  It is nestled among pine cones, marble and wood orbs, and candles.  Antique heirloom ornaments are one of the tiny details that makes Christmas more special.  Wishing you a holiday filled with many magical moments!  See you next year!  

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thanksgiving Desert Buffet

My thanksgiving desert buffet featured a fruit pie and nut pie.  I also served Earl Grey Chai Tea.  The nut pie was Walnut Pie.  I take a simple Pecan Pie Recipe and keep all the sugar and syrup lite and replace the pecans with walnuts.  The results are carmely and good.  The other pie came from the Splendid Table.  It is the pear and cranberry tart and was a delicious deviation of apple pie!  The buffet was completed with my antique black and white china, un-ironed linen napkins for a more informal feel, and my grandmother's silver.  Passing the side-board in the dining room was an indulgent experience!