Saturday, July 23, 2011

What's Old is New Again

I really wanted an old, reconditioned range to add to my kitchen but after many "Blow Up the House" arguments I had with my husband we settled on a 48" Monogram Range as shown in a earlier post.  To satisfy my desire for the old one, I spotted this at one of my favorite haunts.  The door wasn't staying closed and I think, besides all the rust, that is why it has been there at a basement bargain price for quite a long time.  I fell in love and it now graces my kitchen with a strong magnet to keep the door closed.  No interest was paid to this until I drug out the camera and poof, presto, magic the curiosity came pouring out of my son.  He was so curious that he didn't care that I was taking pictures and, after all, this range is built for the curious, tiny hands of children.  Couldn't make me happier that he has played with this for most of the evening!  Forget modern, what is old is new again in my house if even for a moment and yes, I know a reconditioned stove wouldn't blow my house up but the Monogram is "bloody" awesome and really fun! 

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