Friday, August 12, 2011

Croquet Balls as Art

As I spent this last week in self-imposed chaotic
remodel/cleaning of my house getting ready for my parents to visit.  I didn't heed my advice
of taking it easier on myself.  I did think about it,
though!  I realized I didn't spend alot of time
thinking of new ideas!  I was too tired from cleaning!
Crazy irony I think! 

I recently purchased these very worn croquet balls
at a favorite flea market in a huge bucket, pictured above.  They now are piled on a ironstone platter, equally worn, with a key found in my mother-in-laws stuff.  They are the current
centerpiece on my dining room table! 

I am anxious to see what conversations arise when my
company arrives today.  Heard from a "design expert"
once to have fantastic unusual centerpieces to
stimulate conversation.  I have played with this idea and
set my table with Comic Book pages, race cars, army men
and other toys!  They have always been greeted with squeals
of delight from all "kids"!  What is more fun than a restaurant
that sets their tables with white paper and crayons? 

Enjoy your weekend with the ones you love most.  Create
something wonderful and let the conversations

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