Thursday, December 29, 2011

Old Dog, New Trick

I often jump right into things without knowing exactly what I am doing.
Is anyone else like that?  I decided I wanted to blog about my decorating style, cooking style, and lifestyle with those beautiful pictures just like so many of the blogs I admire.  So, jump, I went.  What I quickly discovered is that I don't have the pictures up to par.  Immediately I decide it must be the camera because there is nothing wrong with my eye. 
Well. . .that is true, almost.  It is more like I have a decent, although old digital camera.  A Cannon GI to be exact.  I found that shooting in natural light seemed to be better but when I went without flash I ended up with blurring and all sorts of ugly things.  I wasn't excited about editing them through Photo Shop either.  Who has that kind of time? 

Enter my Dad, who is an accomplished, self taught, photographer in his own right AND the one who bestowed the camera to me.  Well he explained shutter speed, a mini tripod, the remote, the built-in macro lens, and fade out background setting.  Ta DA.  Already so much better with this Christmas Center Piece pictured above, don't you think? 

And look at the utility side of my grandmother's Kitchen Scissors.  This taken with only a crappy 60 watt bulb on in my very dark dining room. 
Which turns out to be a good thing.  I have a gift idea in mind for this picture to the most gifted woman I know with scissors! 

So a good lesson, once again!  Do my homework!  And I can't wait to finish my office space that has this bright natural light and photograph more wonderful things for you to see! 

This candle stick holder is sitting on the dining room table and I love this picture of it.  I blurred out the background and it turned out great.  No photo shop required! 

And now for my new adventure!  I am now the proud owner of Booth Number 150 at my favorite flea market, Collectamania, here in Des Moines!  My official opening date is set for January 15, 2012.  I don't think I am leaping before I look this time and won't disappoint!  I will post all about setting up a booth and my experience with it.  I am starting small and hoping it will be something I am good at.  It is time to let some things go and have a small store to do it in! 

So, for now, I bid you a Happy New Year, as I am ending the year on a high note and getting ready to ring the new year in with better photography skills and a new "store" to boot! 

Exploring my corner of the world,

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