Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"I Spy"

The weather has been too hot for long walks with the dog.  Believe me when you drag out a 80 pound Lab who would rather cross his legs than go to the potty, it is too hot!  Sitting in the AC all day has me dreaming of walks in my neighborhood. I stumbled on this during another one of my cell phone purges.  I have walked by this lone gate about a million times and just now noticed the little "Garden" label on it.  So charming!  Such a great detail. So glad that I didn't miss it entirely. 

I guess it should go without saying to "Stop and Smell the Roses" or to "Be in the Moment" or what-have-you.  There are just times when we are so tangled in our own thought processes or noticing other things around us that it takes a couple of passes to notice these tiny details.  Sometimes you notice them subconsciously and don't realize it!  I do that alot with design projects!  But really, putting down the MP3, and just looking around you can yield the most wonderful pleasures!  Tiny details that someone so cleverly thought of, fresh air, quiet space in your mind.  When the weather cools down a bit--I am outta here! 

PS--My son and I often play "I Spy" and have noticed lots of amusing details.

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