Monday, July 25, 2011

Sneak Peek

The door to nowhere.  I think every old house has a couple of these.  My 1925 Bungalow is no exception!  Actually this is a second door to my son's room from the back hall.   Seems a litle silly to us.  Easy way to escape when you are a teenager!  We disabled the door and had plans to close it off permantely but soon discovered it housed our desk just perfectly.  The recess the door creates is just enough to allow the desk to sit next to the panty.  It really was unsightly.  The wall paint was not enhancing the back hall either.  It had to go! 

This is the view from the kitchen now.  Tennis Court White Paint by Ralph Lauren in a Semi-Gloss finish are washed all over the walls.  Gasp all you Flat Paint lovers!  The semi-gloss finish accomplishes two things, it reflects light in this windowless space and is easy to clean!  The Ceilings are Crystal Blue by Benjamin Moore also in Semi Gloss.  For the finishing touches, white drapes with white tassles hanging over a black and white picture that fits behind the antique green writing desk.  It is now this cozy office space while the space is actually enlarged.  The rest of the space isn't completed yet.  The floor at the landing needs attention.  I just couldn't resist sharing.  It is currently my favorite spot in the house!

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