Monday, July 25, 2011

Paris and Silent Photographs

"I love Paris in the Spring Time"
I can hear it in the background when I look at these pictures. 
They are sweet and came from a wonderful site that lets you use
and download pictures for free. 
Yale Digital Commons



So why the poor quality?  
It is not from the site! 
When I was exploring all of the pictures I started
printing them on my HP Laser Jet 1022 printer.
Just photocopied pictures.
Then I took pictures of them with my cell phone while
severely cropping them.  They started to tell a story
as I was taking pictures of them. 
To make matters worse (?) I then emailed them to myself
before saving them to my computer and then posting them. 

There is a sweetness to these pictures in all their
poor quality!  They remind me of old silent pictures with
they fuzzy frames and grainy texture. 
There is just something about those films, maybe the mystery, maybe the
half told stories while the sets and expressions were meant to make
the imagination soar.  Clara Bow, Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford,
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., and the Barrymore's are in these pictures.
And I think that is what these pictures are meant to evoke.

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