Monday, August 1, 2011

Perfect Sweet Corn--Everytime

The Ingredients and Supplies
Giant Stock Pot filled with water
Freshly Shucked Sweet Corn
(I tend to leave a lot of silk)
Big Handful of Sugar

Put Stock Pot on Stove to Boil
Add Sugar

Add Sweet Corn and Bring to Boil

When at a rolling boil
Shut off heat
Put on Lid and Towel
(Towel does help--don't skip it)
and let it sit for 10 minutes

Serve up Perfectly done Corn.
This works every time with any amount.

Served my favorite way with butter.  Served in my
fancy, smancy corn dishes.
When the corn is really sweet no butter is needed.
My boys like kosher salt on it, too.  I'll pass on the salt.

We have tried all types of flavored butters (one
with Garlic Scape's and one with herbs and naturism's)
which have been really good but we keep going back
to plain butter.

Don't forget to buy extra corn and when it is cooked
slice it off the cob, freeze on baking sheet, and
then pack into bags.  Definitely worth pulling out
in February! 

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