Sunday, July 31, 2011

Grown Up PB&J

I love Nutella.  I love Black Currant Jam. 
Mix the two together and it is the
best adult version of PB&J!

Black Currant Jam can be tricky to find.  This I found
at Big Lots and stocked up.  When I discovered
The Berry Patch Farm
I picked 5 quarts of Black Currants and made my
own jam--just to be safe--knowing I won't always be
able to find it at Big Lots.  In case you are wondering about
Black Currants, they are Very Tart Berries similar in look to
gooseberries.  They are very popular in Scotland, as my dear
Isabella will attest, served on top of Cream Scones with
Clotted Cream and that is a decadant treat, too! 

Enjoy!  And if you run across Clotted Cream, too I strongly suggest
that you whip up Cream Scones, fix a cup of tea, and indulge! 

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