Sunday, August 7, 2011

There are just some days. . .

There are just some days when the creativity is just not there.  There are just some days when comfort food really is that, comfort wrapped in a warm flour shell side-by-side with crispy hot fries.  Each bite melting away the ho-humness of the day.  This day is one of those.  No energy to be creative or reflective for that matter. 

I see no need to push when I don't feel like it.  No need to run on overdrive.  When this mood hits I have learned that pushing it leads to mistakes and sloppiness.  So I order a flour taco with a side of fries, 1/2 Diet and 1/2 Cherry Coke and sit and eat and let the food comfort me until I am ready to face it all!  This day is no exception.  No apologies, just food. 

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