Saturday, August 6, 2011

Expect the Unexpected

Expect the Unexpected

I have this tiny, tiny room off my kitchen.  I imagine this probably made my bungalow have an "eat-in" kitchen.  It is too tiny for even the small Formica Topped Tables I frequently see at Flea Markets. 
It is now the room where my Kitchen Aid lives because it is too tall for the back splash area in the actual kitchen.  Don't tell the Kitchen Aid
that!  It thinks it has a room all to himself!   

The window treatment is a little whimsy!  I threaded the leftover silver fabric from my headboard and a favorite stick found on a dog walk years ago that never seemed to make it to the compost heap.  Quite charming, off-beat, and fun.  That personal note that makes all the difference.  Note the really DARK chocolate color on the walls!  It defies the wives tale "dark colors make rooms smaller"  which is NOT true!  It makes this room much larger simply because you can't see where it starts and ends.  The ceiling is in Benjamin Moore's Cristal Blue Semi Gloss.  It just lifts!  (the wall color is Appalachian Brown from Benjamin Moore in Matte Finish).

I love this space.  It is so luxe in spite of it's 4X5 size.  It is a wonderful place to mix up a batch of something.  My Kitchen Aid is quite spoiled! 

Personal Touches with a touch of drama make for a happy space! Using dark colors that are "taboo" for tiny spaces and an unexpected stick put my personal stamp on this space and makes my family happy, too.  This is what makes a house a home, personal touches, unexpected ones, pieces that evoke memories or invoke conversations.  I don't see meaningful conversations started over a room that is overly decorated with no personal touches and that, my friends, is why those spaces are just pretty and not comfortable places that your family and friends like to be just because "it feels" good to be there.  That is what most people strive for, a comfortable place to be.  A place to make memories and to remember them, too. 

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