Wednesday, August 3, 2011

To Repaint or Not--That is the Question

Peaking out the front door
are one of my latest junk
store finds.

When I spied these sitting at the front door
of one of my favorite local flea markets
(for 10 bucks I might add).  I knew they were meant
to be.  Hauled them home with grand illusions of painting
them in Polished Mahagony with Fleur De Lis Stencils on
the back of them.  Then I plunked them on the front lawn
for my husband to see (there IS a story there!)
and love them just as they are. 
So my question is, or rather I am wondering out load,
How long will it take me to tire of the peeling paint
and start over? 
Hopefully never but my mind does change! 

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