Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Alternative Panty Storage

In the trunk of my car (another cell phone picture)
is a find of Parisia Lemonade from France snagged
at a discount grocery store for next-to-nothing. 
Since I live in a tiny, tiny bungalow (did I say TINY?)
storage space is at a premium.  My pantry is small and I run
a streamline operation when it comes to bulk items.  Many
are stored in the basement because the packaging is
ugly and the space in the basement is also at a
premium.  It has to accommodate laundry, office, my husband,
my workshop and his!  Where was I going to fit in a case of
lemonade from France?  I couldn't bear hiding it away.
Just too pretty! 

Voila!  The bucket from the Croquet Balls
I found last week.  Perfect Vessel for a
Case of French Lemonade.  Sitting neatly by
the Buffet in my dining room. 
Not out of sight, out of mind, collecting dust
and not being enjoyed until I remember I have it!
Don't they say that the first part of dining is
visual?  Well it is, isn't it?  We have served
this lemonade with freshly picked mint and
lemon basil.  Also with a fruity white
wine for a beat-the-heat wine cooler topped with
a sprig of lemon basil.  All because, and I firmly believe this,
 it was at my fingertips begging for more creative touches.
So the moral in this story, when the packaging is beautiful,
a pantry staple can be made into beautiful accessory and
no one has to know that you don't have the space to store it.

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