Saturday, October 22, 2011

Party for a Princess

There are just some days when you need to throw a party.  This day came for us at the end of September.  I rescued a kitten from the side of the road a year earlier and her estimated first birthday was fast approaching.  We decided a Princess Party would be ideal.  The joke was that she is the furthest thing from a princess!  She is rough, tough, and sock-em dead!  She is fearless!  There aren't alot of pink things in our house either!  I fashioned the center piece from a child's tutoo and decked the table with pink candles, pink lemonade, pink wrapped chocolate and for that touch of glam, black and white china.  The guest of honor had a tiara and special place setting just for her. 

and here she is!  Our Princess who got to eat at the table!
The dog was bewildered by the whole thing! 
We loved the tutoo center piece and it now adorns a lamp in my bedroom because my dear, sweet friend, Regina says, "Every girl needs a touch of pink." 

Do throw a party for those you love, a simple table set for just your family will do, and celebrate the milestones no matter how small they may be because that is what makes life worth it!  

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