Sunday, November 6, 2011

Falling Back

Daylight Savings Time is this morning and I am up.  I woke up at what was 5:38 and after dragging my computer to bed, linking to a new blog I am exploring, realizing it is really 4:38, I am hoping for the extra hour I just received to be lazy like I like my Sundays to be!  My son is scrambling eggs on this particular Sunday.  He has a sporadic interest in cooking.  I love seeing him cook and giving him the tools to nourish himself.  I am craving a slow Sunday today, my early wake up call was from the beginnings of a migraine.  My system telling me to slow it down by force, but there is so much to do.  The garden and gazebo need shut down today.  I am cooking and baking for the week.  My son is singing in church and my husband needs help with his projects. 

The projects on my shop bench will sit for another day unless a spare moment reveals itself.  This cabinet, shown in its before state, is waiting for the shelves to be reattached and the next paint step to be completed.  It will house spices in my kitchen, but not today. I think often of living in the moment, of being at peace with where I am right now.  For the most part, I think I am.  But lets face it.  The here and now needs attention, too.  It needs cultivated.  It takes work.  The work is often a pleasure and the trick is not worrying too much about the future and not overlooking what is happening NOW.  RIGHT?, right.  Right. 
I often wonder, how did all those Mamas from years past, do it?  Church on Sunday morning and cooking a family meal for Sunday Dinner or, gasp, lunch.  A wonderful meal based on in-season ingredients.  A home filled with generations of family members gathered for a feast with Mama in her apron cooking with love and wisdom and pleasure.  A romantic idea I have conjured in my head I am sure!  But, I hear stories.  Lots of stories.  Stories in print, on blogs, on TV.  There must be something to it, a bit of magic that I haven't been told about.  Right?  Wrong.  It is all priorities and planning.  Plain and simple.  Priorities and planning.  Not just going where the wind takes you but being the wind and adapting and enjoying the process while preparing for the big event. 
So as I plan my Sunday and hope for an extra hour of laziness, I will not let the work I need to do consume me.  I will enjoy the processes as they come and tell my son, when he asks, "What are we going to do today?" that we are simply going to enjoy doing nothing.  I hope I can pay homage to all the families of days gone by and break bread, share stories, and just be with the ones I love.  I have Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls with Cranberries rising and ready to bake,  chicken marinating in the fridge for Fried Chicken tonite, the beginnings of Spicy Squash Soup on the stove, ready to be pureed and finished off with cream.  I have the ingredients for a coleslaw apple salad ready to go.  All the fixings for Sunday Dinner.  All planned and ready to go.  Maybe I will get some lazy moments after all.

 Snuggling with my son who just crawled into my bed and asked me to turn up Laurel and Hardy and snuggle with him.  Perfect excuse to stop blogging, rambling, and enjoy the moment!  The blog I am exploring? Well, that will have to wait for another time because I am going to enjoy the moment and just be.  I am going to just be the arms that hold that boy in my favorite place in this world.  And that is where I will leave you and wish for you.  A moment of Sunday Laziness.  Of just being. A moment. . .

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