Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This is my beautiful dog, Scout.  He has been with us for 2 1/2 years now.  He is a sweet, loving dog.  He is a Black Lab and wants nothing to do with being a Lab.  He is seen here lying on the couch (oh, the story behind that!) on my Tulle Pillow.  The pillow is one I made with scrap fabrics and hem tape, ironed together.  I made them about 9 years ago and they have held up very well! 

Why am I talking about my Lab and my Pillow?  Well, it is because I suffer from what most of us do!  Unfocused attention.  While I started this blog for design related tips and some cooking, I am finding my interests are moving in many different directions.  While I love design--it is my job and love cooking--there are other things I need to talk about. 

Frugality.  Living a Frugal Life.  I think it is all interconnected somehow.  While people talk about organic lifestyles and all the benefits, I see high price tags!  Prices I can't afford to spend.  Then it hit me, frugal living!  So much of it is organic!  Home Gardening, Preserving, Recycling, and doing without.  Hm.  Think I am onto something!  So, I am going to interject some ideas on living more frugally that might inspire you to do the same. 

The pillows, Not more than $ 5.00 for the pair.  They have graced 2 bedrooms and now my living room.  Have held their shape.  Well worth the investment!  Simple to make, too.  I used co-ordinating fabric, hem tape, and stuffing.  I ironed 3 1/2 sides together, stuffed, and then stitched up the remaining side.  Hem Tape is not supposed to be a permanent bond but as I said earlier they have lasted 9 years so far.  When I put them together I had no idea I would still be enjoying them today!  

So, for Frugal, check out my side bar for some new links! 

Find this book--I think it is on Amazon.  It is the holy grail of living a frugal life.  Indispensable. 

And, as always, exploring my corner of the world.

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