Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Welcome Jasper's Edge Farm!

A big giant welcome to my dear, dear friend Regina!  I am so excited to see her in the blog world.  She has a lovely farm that is in its 5th Generation.  She raises exotic sheep and spins this amazing yarn.  Please visit her blog!  She can be found at
Her yarn is sold under the name Esther Purl Fibers and she can be emailed at
 She is a very creative soul and I hope that she gets "Paint the Farm Red Days" going soon!  There will be more information to follow as she works out the details.  She is an amazing wealth of knowledge of all things!  Please take a moment to link to her blog! 
This snap shot is a "before" picture she sent me while she was working out the accessorys for her back entry.  Darling! 
Maybe we can get her to post pictures of the AFTER! 


  1. Please post after pictures on your blog!

  2. Stephanie, NObody has the market cornered on creative like you do! Thank you a million times over for your love & support in everything! I will get to working on "Paint the Farm Red"! Promise!!!