Friday, August 5, 2011

Cat Napping

Niles Under the Iris Bed
Since the discovery of my dead computer last night I am forced into a cap nap of sorts.  It is an older lap top that accepts the older memory card from my older camera.  So my friends, camera phone in hand, my blog will change.  For better or worse?  That remains to be seen.  Big technology upgrade at my house coming up. 
Not to mention a huge life lesson.  Story for another day. 

Feel like taking a giant nap like my Niles.  Eyes are tired and head is swimming.  It is a giant thing to for me to loose my computer and possibly my camera in a few short hours.  I know they are only "things" but I think they represent more.  I think it represents the freedom I have to express myself and share it.  I think it gives me another avenue to be artistic with and to learn with and to grow with.  I know that things will work out and to, "Remain Calm and Carry On" and that it will be fine.  It is fine.  I am fine, I am armed with my cell phone and will be posting cell phone pictures while I create.  There is always a way to do what you love no matter what the deterrents are.  That is the lesson for me in all this as I am sure there are a few more to follow that will reveal themselves as time goes on. 

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